2018 PBOC Winterfest

//2018 PBOC Winterfest


  • The Place – Sebring International Raceway
  • The Event – PBOC’s renowned and signature event, Winterfest 2018
  • The Race – Winterfest’s 6-hour “Race into the Night”
  • The Competitors – 53 Racecars strong – BMW’s, Camaro’s, Corvette’s, Viper’s, Mazda’s, Porsche’s, Radical’s … and … ONE Toys by Tink GT Roadster
  • The Result – A Podium finish for the Toys by Tink team – THIRD PLACE OVERALL!

Out of the 53-car field that took the green in this 6-hour race, only TWO crossed the finish line before the Toys by Tink entry – (1st) a full race ready 2016 Porsche Cayman and (2nd) a 2018 Radical SR3 RSX.

  • Each costing 3 times that of a Toys by Tink GT Roadster in both purchase price and consumables.

John Spain was the first to belt into Tink’s personal 1999 GT Roadster #171 and pulled her into the starting grid in 29th slot. He ran a blistering pace and after 46 laps around the 3.74-mile circuit (172 miles at full race speed with no cautions) John pitted the #171 in fifth place.  Yes, you read that right – John put 24 competitors in his rearview mirrors during the first 2 hour segment.  That, is wheeling a roadster!

While the pit crew of Carl “Dilly-Dilly” Dilley, Scott Attwater & Steven Tinker tended to the #171 during the first of two mandatory 5-minute stops, John gave the next wheelman, Rick “the Rickster” Fergusson, some tips as to how the car was handling.  The Rickster exited the pits in 10th position and launched the #171 into the twilight. By the time his 2-hour segment ended in the black of a moonless night, another 44 laps and 165 additional miles were in the books and Rick pitted in 2nd place overall!

John then belted up for the final segment and exited the pits in 4th position. He lost another spot before he could get the #171 up to race speed, but over the next 48 laps and 180 miles, John wheeled the #171 from 5th to take the checkered in 3rd place …… overall!

After 5 hours and 50 minutes of hard racing with two mandatory 5-minute pit stops and 517 Miles at full race song around what is arguably the roughest and toughest road-racing circuit in North America, the #171 Toys by Tink GT Roadster team left all but 2 competitors behind.

A Great Race.  A Great Team.  A Great a Car.

The Toys by Tink GT Roadster. A racecar that possesses a great combination of Safety, Performance, Affordability and most importantly …. FUN!  And after 517 maintenance-free race miles around Sebring during a 6-hour enduro, “Dependability” will be added to that listing.



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