Our Driving Programs

Whether you are new to the sport or an advanced racer with your own GT Roadster, Toys by Tink has a program for you.

Driver Training & Instruction

For those GT Roadster drivers with more experience, maybe your stuck in a rut and not improving. It could be technique – one corner that’s giving your trouble; left-handers; right-handers; hairpins; reducing radius corners; a track you have never been to; or it could be the setup on your car.  Regardless, join Tink and his instructors for an event and let them help you reduce your lap times and win races!

Arrive & Drive Program

While most Toys by Tink GT Roadster owners prefer to keep their race cars at home and transport them to the track for races, others don’t have the space or means to store and transport their cars. Tink created the Arrive and Drive program with those drivers in mind. For a monthly fee Tink and his crew will store your GT Roadster and transport it to each event all prepped and race ready.

All you have to do, as the name of the program implies, is… Arrive & Drive!

After the event, your race car will be transported back to Tinker-ville in New Port Richey where it will undergo a full post race inspection which will address any needs your race car may require. It will then be cleaned up and prepped for your next event.

So if you don’t have the space to store your race car, a trailer to haul it, or a vehicle capable of towing the package – just Arrive & Drive!

Track Support

Toys by Tink provides track support for any GT Roadster owner at their request. This support can be as simple as checking tire pressures and refueling after a session all they way to more complex maintenance including on-site repairs and/or chassis set-up and modifications.

One of the best features of a Toys by Tink GT Roadster and the track support provided by Tink and his crew is that downtime is virtually nonexistent. Tink made it a priority to build a dependable race car that was easy to maintain so as to limit downtime. Owners don’t come to the track to work on their cars or sit around because of an incident or broken part while watching others race and have fun. Racing incidents do occur and parts do break – it is racing after all – but it is a rare occurrence indeed to have any Toys by Tink GT Roadster at a track sitting idle.

Let’s Go Racing!

The GT Roadster in Action

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